Friday, January 13, 2012

SoulCalibur V: Namco Bandai searching for top UK players

G'day, mate.

If you're in the UK and feel you've got the skills to hang with the best SoulCalibur V (SCV) players, then Namco Bandai wants you to show it. The company that brought us Tekken and SoulCalibur will hosting an SCV launch party at The Chapel Bar in Islington on Feb. 4.

The event will go on from 12 - 6 p.m. GMT. Entrance will be on a first come, first serve basis for up to 200 people.

But that's not all:

The new SCV arcade sticks by Mad Catz will be on display. Top players, Prodigal Son and Kayane, will be in attendance to share tips on how to stay competitive.

On March 16, Namco Bandai will host grand finals at an undisclosed location to determine who will be the best SCV player in the UK.

SCV hits stores for Xbox 360 and PS3 in Europe Feb. 3 and North America on Jan. 31.