Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yoshinori Ono: E3 is not a reflection of everything Wii U is able to offer

Capcom producer, Yoshinori Ono, spoke with 3DJuegos. Among the topics discussed were the possibilities of Nintendo's upcoming console, Wii U.

While the jury is still out on the Wii U for many gamers, Ono believes he knows the potential of the console can reach extraordinary heights. This perception was further intensified when he worked with the system's development kits.

See the translation of what Ono had to say (via NeoGAF) after the jump:

"What we saw last E3 is not a reflection of everything this console is able to offer. We have been trying the development kits and some of its new characteristics will improve its possibilities. It isn't something like Kinect or similar accessories, it's something different."
Could this mean a new Street Fighter game could see a release on the Wii U? Perhaps Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT) could eventually make its way to the console with exclusives. 

The possibilities are endless with Ono and Capcom.