Thursday, June 2, 2011

Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: Capcom to remove DRM character restrictions

Capcom will remove the character restrictions for the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

The biggest concern Capcom had about releasing their game for the PC was the giant issue that’s become a problem for many other companies, the piracy issue.

To counter it, Capcom cancelled the release of Super Street Fighter IV for the PC a year ago.

Now that AE was announced for PC release, Capcom denied the usage of a majority of the cast, limiting the game to only 15 characters and no downloadable content for offline mode.

This probably didn’t affect the people who were satisfied with the 15 characters, but understandably the fans did complain about not being able to use everyone the game is suppose to have.

The main argument that caused Capcom to reverse their decision was that fans who actually bought the game will be punished the same as the people who pirated the game. This was argued in the Ask Capcom Forums and Capcom’s decision was changed.

Now that Capcom’s decision was reversed, we should thank them by not pirating the game.

Cause that’s no good….