Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guard Crush 18 results and final thoughts

Yesterday's Guard Crush tournament went down at Next Level in Brooklyn, New York.

And it had some great competition.

Wolfkrone made a surprise visit to this installment of Guard Crush for the SSFIV: AE event. This tournament did have a few members from the Empire Arcadia crew and Local Battles Chris G.

Were there any upsets?

Results and thoughts after the jump.


1st Wolfkrone - C.Viper
2nd EMP Dieminion - Guile
3rd EMP Dragon God - Ibuki
4th EMP Santhrax - Sagat


1st LB Chris G - Amaterasu/Ryu/Wesker
2nd Eddie Lee - Dormammu or Hulk/Doom/Haggar
3rd Moonz -  Amaterasu/Taskmaster/Akuma
4th SkinHoff - Spiderman/Wesker/Doom

Despite the nerfs to Guile in Arcade Edition, Dieminion proves that he can still be usable. He almost beat Wolfkrone one of the nations best C.Viper in the U.S. losing 3-2 in the Grand Finals. The other member of EMPIRE took the rest of the top spots showing their strength in this game.

There was a surprising upset in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 when Eddie Lee sent Chris G to losers. Chris G is possibly one of the nations best players in the U.S winning multiple East Coast tournaments and placing top 3 at CEO. But in the end, Chris G retaliates against Eddie Lee beating him 3-1 in the first set and then dominating him 3-0 despite Eddie's switch from Dormammu to Hulk.