Friday, June 17, 2011

It Came From Arc System Works: Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear is one of the coolest 2D fighting games to ever hit the PlayStation console back in 1998. The game had an awesome rock n roll theme with a soundtrack that hyped up the gameplay.

One of the characters in the game is named Axl Low. His appearance was based heavily on the lead singer of the band Guns N Roses, Axl Rose. There are a lot of band references throughout the game and you can tell that it was heavily influenced by pop culture and music.

“Heaven or Hell! Lets Rock!” yells the announcer upon starting a match.

The game is based on combos and how well you can time and pull them off. It’s a game where you can’t really button mash because pressing the wrong button would leave you wide open for someone to destroy you. It’s a deep game that takes practice to learn all of its awkward moveset commands. Once you get the character's movesets down, the game gets you hooked.

The game features the traditional arcade mode, versus mode, options mode, and training mode.

Complete with its traditional health bar, it has a tension guide, that when activated lets players use their special moves called chaos attacks. Upon entering the right move command you’re able to do pull off your special one hit K.O move that’s really cool to see once you pull it off.

The one hit K.O. move is hard to pull off because of not only the button commands, but you have to be really close to your opponent, so it’s not something you could spam or be cheap with.

The set of characters you play as have their own wacky back stories in the game. Chipp Zanuff was a drug dealer in the streets of America with no future looking ahead for him. One day being ambushed by a gang, he was saved by a mysterious stranger. The stranger offered him training in the art of being a Ninja if he agreed to help him change life around and to fight with honor.

That was an example from one of the many characters of the games back-story. They all eventually meet up in a tournament, each with their own reason for fighting.

It’s a really addicting game and one of my favorite 2D fighters. I could never get bored playing this. If you’re urging to try a new fighting game and haven’t heard of the series, give the game a try.