Friday, June 24, 2011

It Came From Sega: Streets Of Rage 2

In the 90’s, Streets Of Rage 2 made its way into the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. This awesome beat ‘em up classic improved upon the first game, both graphically and gameplay wise. Specials in the game let you whale on other opponents, and the characters had improved movesets. 

It’s my favorite game out of this classic trilogy and one my favorite beat ‘em ups on the console in general.

Set exactly one year from the first game, the evil Mr. X has returned to seek revenge. You have to fight your way from the city, all the way to his evil hideout located on a mysterious island. It’s up to the four heroes of the game of which you choose to put a stop to his plan to take over the city.

It's an addicting game that gets fun and more difficult as you play it and progress. Complete with its challenging bosses and enemies that you encounter along the way, you get to use whatever is around you as a weapon. Find a knife on the floor your enemies dropped? Pick it up and use it against them. 

Almost everything you find in the area of the game can be used as a weapon and can also be breakable.

I love the sound effects of the game. Whenever you hit someone, you hear a overly dramatic thud that makes the game even more awesome for no apparent reason. Another plus side to the game is its catchy music which will get stuck in your head the more you play the game.

Its pretty challenging, and playing with a friend in co-op mode makes the game even more fun. When playing with a friend, you’re able to pull combos off of each other. You grab him/her and throw them at your opponent dealing a lot of damage. 

It’s really cool, especially when you're surrounded by a group of thugs.

Overall it’s a fun simple game that you should try out with a buddy. It has around eight levels, each with its own boss and flood of enemies. The game can be downloaded on current consoles from the Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network, so give it a try. They added an online feature so you can play with anyone, so have fun and enjoy it.