Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anarchy Reigns live stream right now (May 22) presented by Anon7906

Another Anarchy Reigns stream is underway. Unsurprisingly, the airing comes from Anon7906 aka "Shizzlee23." Join the stream and chat inside.

The most consistent Anarchy Reigns streamer is at it again. Anon7906 is taking to PSN and Twitch TV to stream the game. Joining Shizzlee23 are Anarchy Reigns players such as Deezee Kujaku and FightVG's own Munoz.

If you'd like to join the action, look for "Shizzlee23" on PSN. The matches may vary so search all game types until you find the user name.

Below you will find the live stream and chat embedded.