Sunday, June 3, 2012

Capcom set for E3 live stream, schedule included

Capcom will be providing a live stream for E3 June 5-7. The stream was announced on the Capcom-Unity. All three days will be streamed from the E3 convention in Los Angeles, California.

While titles such as Resident Evil 6, Devil May Cry, and Lost Planet 3 will take a large portion of the stream, there will be some room for fighting games. The company will showcase Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT) for the PS Vita with Seth Killian and producer Tomoaki Ayano. will post the live stream before it airs on Tuesday. For a schedule of the Capcom E3 stream, head past the jump.


12pm PT - Lost Planet 3 with producer Andrew Szymanski
2pm - Street Fighter X Tekken Vita with Seth Killian and producer Tomoaki Ayano
3pm - Resident Evil 6 Leon demo and hoodie giveaway
4pm - Interview and Q&A with Tommy Tallarico for Video Games Live
430pm - Interview with Greg Ferraiolo for Sumthing Digital

10am PT - DmC with creative director Tameem Antoniades
11am - iPad Expo (a look at current iOS offerings)
12pm - Resident Evil 6 Chris demo w hoodie giveaway
2pm - DmC gameplay demo
3pm - Resident Evil 6 jake demo w hoodie giveaway
4pm - Trivia Prize Off!! (Tons of free codes to give away!)

10am PT - Resident Evil 6 w executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi
11am - DmC gameplay demo
12pm - Lost Planet 3 gameplay demo
2pm - Ask Capcom with Seth Killian
3pm - BradyGames Q&A with Dr Deelite and Clockw0rk
4pm - E3 wrap up, trailer showcase and closing chat with stream audience