Monday, January 2, 2012

Burning the Bar: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video with Zero

Genmu Zero.

With some help from Wesker, Spencer and Vergil, Tackle Tackle Headbutt has uploaded his first Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (UMvC3) combo video that puts Mega Man's Zero in the spotlight.

The uploader has also included a breakdown of each combo setup. As you can tell by the title, this Zero player has meter and he certainly is not afraid to use it.

Watch the UMvC3 Zero combo video and see the breakdown after the jump:

Breakdown by Tackle Tackle Headbutt

Combo 1: Currently my basic BnB for my team. Works anywhere on the screen thanks to slant shot assist. Zero can self OTG in the corner so spencer is not always needed. Of course, Zero can OTG mid screen but it's a very tough timing in my opinion so the extra assist helps.

Combo 2: My old team combo. Wesker assist also helps Spencer a lot for a little extra damage. Since they added the buster cancel, I don't need Wesker anymore to OTG for Zero. H Sentsuisan is a lot more useful than vanilla. It's almost as good as Wolvie's dive kick (but not quite). It also crosses up as well,

Combo 3: Using 2 Genmu Zeros in 1 combo. Not exactly practical but something I wanted to try. The final bit is easier to do with larger characters.

Combo 4: The start is an unblockable setup with Wesker assist because it hit's low and Zero high. Even though I don't use Wesker that much anymore, The samurai edge does have some advantagous uses for it. Try doing a block string, call out Wesker's assist and command dash L (or M if they pushblock) and this gives you a free combo string a lot of the time.

Combo 5: Buster Loop. Only works on larger characters (e.g Sentinel, Hulk, Modok). It's still possible on average sized characters but the timing is much tighter to cancel the buster. I'm also showing the lightning loop in this combo. I'm not that good at the lightning loop at the moment and can only do about 3 reps. The Genmu Zero was entirely not needed. It was mostly to show off :P

Combo 6: Corner to Corner Throw Combo. Zero's downside to his throws is that he loses charge and therefore needs some sort of OTG assist to continue his throw combos. Spencer here to the rescue.This is a little character dependant. It will work on about the larger half of the cast. This combo can still work with the other half of the cast by forward super jumping after S instead of neutral super jump. You can also time this to cross over the blaster. I will explain this in a future video.

Combo 7: Requires Vergil to already be in Devil Trigger. Note that when Vergil does his Level 3, The opponent is miraculously sent back to the middle of the screen. You can abuse this with Spencer's hard- tag combo. This isn't entirely practical because you do not often have Vergil in devil trigger. Although I may look into this level 3 combo continuation in a further video

Combo 8: Sougenmu Raikousen Cross Up. Many players fall for this trap because a TK Raikousen crosses up. This can also work without Sougenmu but having it on does help. This gets in a lot of times when a character is knocked down and rolling forward of backwards because it's difficult to react to.

Combo 9: If you can't do the lightning loop that well. You can always DHC into spiral swords. It's a little easier and buff's Zero's assist at the same time. I've started using this more often because my team does not have a decent projectile assist and Vergil benefits greatly from it. I should point out that the Vergil combo I'm showing here is not the most optimal and can be improved (I'm still working on my Vergil)