Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Evo 2012: Mad Catz bringing custom fightsticks and shirts to tournament event

An Evo event without Mad Catz just doesn't feel right.

That's why the company that has brought you numerous standard and tournament edition fightsticks will be present at Evo 2012. Mad Catz will be giving competitor's shirts to every registered player. The company will also be selling special Evo fightsticks for PS3 and Xbox 360. While details are scarce, these sticks will be sold at the event as well as online for a limited time.

Custom fightsticks will be given to Sega and Atlus for their Evo 2012 booths. The custom sticks feature Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown artwork for Sega and Person 4 Arena artwork for Atlus. These fightsticks will not be sold.

Evo 2012 will take place from Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas July 6-8. FightVG.com will post live streams of the event when it airs.

See pictures of the PS3 Evo fightstick, fightsticks for Sega and Atlus, and the competitor's shirt below.