Monday, July 23, 2012

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament set for July 28 in Austin, Texas

Let the Street Fighter tournaments begin.

To celebrate 25 years of Street Fighter, Capcom has announced several tournaments. The first one will make its way to Austin, Texas at the Marchesa Event Center on July 28. will post a live stream of the event when it airs. A schedule has been posted, see it after the jump.

NOTE: All times listed are ET.

July 28 
8:00AM: Venue Opens
8:00AM-8:45AM: On-site registration
9:00AM: Brackets are published
9:00AM-10:00AM: Casual Play / Practice
10:00AM: Tournament Begins for All Games
6:00PM: Down to 32 players for All games
6:00PM-9:00pm: Quarterfinals Begins, Top 32 -> Top 8 (up to Top 4 for 3rd Strike and HDR)
July 29 
8:00AM: Venue Opens
8:00AM-10:00AM: Casual Play / Practice
10:00AM: Top 4 begins for HD Remix
10:45PM: Top 4 begins for 3rd Strike
11:50PM: Grand Finals of SFxT 2v2 exhibition
12:30PM: Top 8 Begins for SFxT 1v1
3:00PM: Top 8 Begins for SF4
6:00PM: Tournament ends
6:00PM-8:00PM: Casual Play
8:00PM: Venue Closes