Monday, July 28, 2014

Capcom Pro Tour results from San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Capcom added a San Diego Comic-Con tournament to their Pro Tour. See who earned a first place finish inside.

The Capcom Pro Tour rolls along.

Ultra Street Fighter IV (USFIV) was played at the San Diego Convention Center for San Diego Comic-Con 2014.  The action concluded yesterday (July 27).

Below are the results (via EventHubs).

First Place: Snake Eyez (Zangief)
2nd: EG Justin Wong (Rufus)
3rd: GG NYChrisG (Elena, Sakura, Dan | others)
4th: EG K-Brad (Cammy)
5th: UGC Vicious (Yun, Rufus)
5th: Chris King (Vega)
7th: TJ Alexis (C. Viper)
7th: SD Pnoy (M. Bison, Sagat)