Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Street Fighter x Tekken: Still no patch for online 2 player local co-op on Xbox 360

Mixed signals.

Capcom fans looking to play Street Fighter x Tekken's (SFxT) two player local co-op on Xbox Live were in for a rude awakening. Despite claiming the feature was available on the Xbox 360 version's manual, the company only included it in the PS3 version.

The good news was that not all hope was lost. Seth Killian and Ayano both said there would be news on pair play update last week.

It didn't happen.

Instead, Capcom's VP Christian Svensson has put an even bigger cloud on the feature's status. Here's what he had to say on Capcom-Unity:

Fan: When is the local online pair play for the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter X Tekken coming? I hope Capcom has found the time to patch in a feature that was a big selling point.

Svensson: There is no patch planned for this issue.