Monday, March 12, 2012

Same Old Stuff: Character choices in SFxT diminish interest in the community

Stop hitting yourself!

Want to raise interest and bring more excitement to the community? Choose different characters!  Maximilian picks the same top tier characters when promoting new things in fighting games (think Doom, Wesker, Strider, Dante, and now Jin/Ken).

Everyone knows how well Ryu, Ken, Kazuya, Jin, and Heihachi work, but it's incredibly boring to watch these same guys (just like in UMvC3) fight each other and do the same moves and combos. Maximilian shows in this video, along with Floe, the state of this game.

Choose any combination of the five guys above and just go online. Even if you're not as good at the game, you can squeeze out a number of wins just off of their usability and effectiveness.

Why choose someone like say Kuma or Asuka when these guys have everything you need? The reason is the surprise factor and experience that opponents lack against these characters, which prove to be the deciding factor in many tournament matches.

Want proof? Watch Chris G's Morrigan rip apart everyone's team at Curleh Mustache (click here). Oh and don't mind everyone going crazy in the back or the people who became excited to try Morgan now.

Just saying, try someone unknown because you never know. Maybe you'll raise that character's viability, get really good at the game, and then you become the big cheese from discovering unknown territory.