Friday, March 9, 2012

Street Fighter x Tekken: "God-like" combo video and info by Desk

Desk is back at it again. Keeping up with his trend of "breaking" Capcom fighters, the uploader has released his "God-like" combos for Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT). See the info on how to use the system below:

SFxT "God-like" system info by Desk
In SFxT there is a mechanic in place that means that any normal, special or super that connects after the combo count exceeds 99-hits, immediately puts the opponent into a non juggle-able state and nothing else can combo.

I assume that this was put in place to make scramble mode less broken (eg. 1 player either side, mashing jab = win) but it also means that if/when an infinite is found in regular 2on2 gameplay, it won't be truly 'endless' as, when it gets to 100 hits, it will automatically end.

This is the first instance of a non-scramble mode, non-infinite meter 99+ hit combo in SFxT that I'm aware of. It might look straight forward but it took a ton of experimenting and trial & error. For example, if Chun does anything before the first, raw SBK in the first combo, it won't be possible to build the 4th bar for the 4th tag and get the combo to 99 hits. Also, when hitting 2 characters at the same time in the corner, push back is doubled, so no standard combos will work. That's why everything here takes place mid-screen.