Thursday, March 1, 2012

King of Fighters XIII: Takuma Sakazaki Trials (Video)

VesperArcade continues to work hard on completing all King of Fighters XIII (KoF XIII) trials. Takuma Sakazaki gets to shine this time. For a mini blog on Sakazaki trials, head past the jump:
Blog by VesperArcade

First thing you need to master before you even
attempt to complete Takuma trials is

S.HP, F+LK, (Charge)DB-F+K

To get enough time to charge this move, start by
buffering the charge before the animation of F+LK
even comes out. This is possible as soon as you
input F+LK.

The second part is canceling F+LK late, instead of
right at the start. There is a small window after
the animation that it can still be canceled from.
It is not a link but there is leniency that you
must be aware of.

These 2 combinations will make sure the combo is
successful every single time.


All Drive Cancels from F-B-F+P must be performed
right at the end. Listen to the chime sound.


All Drive Cancels from (Charge)DB-F+LK are during
the middle of the animation rather than the starting
or the ending. Takes some time to get used to.


All of these combos do not require pre charge buffering.
I tried to do it but the game doesn't seem to let you.

Trial 3

Use the LK version of HCB+K, it allows them opponent
to stay on the right side. Use the LP version of
QCF+P, it comes out faster.

Trial 5

To connect the J.HK at the end you must super low hop

Buffer F-B-F+PP before you even touch the ground at the
very end.

Trial 6

(Charge)DB-F+LK into QCF+P is a Drive Cancel, use QCF+LP
for the fireball to be faster.

Trial 7

(Charge)DB-F+LK into (Charge)DB-F+LK is a link. You have
have more than enough time to charge the second one even
though it doesn't seem like it.

When connecting the S.HP afterwards, do not buffer the
F-B-F+PP during the juggle. Treat it like a link because
if you input it too quickly the game will override your

Trial 9

This combo requires very calm hands. There are many delays
that you must do in between the combo.

I will type out the combo in real time.

QCF+PP, (C)DB-F+LK, (Delay), (C)DB-F+LK, (Delay), QCF+HK,
(Delay), (C)DB-F+LK, (Delay), QCF+HK, (Delay), (C)DB-F+LK,
(Delay), F-B-F+P, HCB+LK, S.HP, F+LK, QCF-HCB+HP.