Monday, August 4, 2014

AE 2012 patch to coincide with Ultra Street Fighter IV release on Steam

Looks like AE 2012 on PC may finally be getting the patch it has needed for over two months.

Fix the issues? You don't say.

Over at the Steam Community forums, a Capcom employee has been answering DarkSama's questions regarding Ultra Street Fighter IV's release on PC and a new patch to fix AE 2012's broken netcode.

On the exact time Ultra will be released on Steam: 

"We're still trying to nail down the specific time with Valve since it needs to happen during Valve's office hours. While not confirmed yet, I'm shooting for Aug. 7 at 9 p.m. Pacific Time, which equates to Aug. 8 12:00am Eastern time."

Release window for AE 2012 patch:

"The patch for AE 2012 is also in the works as it's contingent on USF4's launch next week."

Capcom paying attention to feedback and when patch notes can be expected:

"I don't have the specific details on what the dev team is fixing, but they've all been apprised of, and are keenly aware of the many feedback they've received from the community including network performance, microphone mute, etc ... so they're working on something. I'll eventually get a fix list before the patch goes out so more will be clear by then."

Fernando's POV: Last week I ripped Capcom for not releasing a proper AE 2012 patch sooner. By the time all the issues have been fixed, it would be at least over two months since the game got butchered. Not very timely, but with that said I really hope this is the patch that fixes all problems.