Wednesday, August 6, 2014

AE 2012 on Steam gets patch 1.09 today (August 6)

A new patch for AE 2012 has been released on Steam. What has been fixed? Peep the patch notes inside.

Is this the one?

Capcom has dished out a new 1.09 patch for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 (AE 2012) on Steam. The company has worked to reduce latency issues, rendering performance issues, sound issues, and more.

The patch notes were revealed over at the Steam Community forums.

Release Notes:

  • Reduced latency issues and frequent "Waiting for player…" message during online games.
  • Latency indicator that shows players' connection status now updates sooner.
  • Severe audio distortion issue improved by addressing memory leak.
  • Rendering performance restored on certain machines that had been impacted by the aforementioned memory leak.
  • VCredist install routine no longer occurs every time you launch the game.
  • Reduced wait time before the "Unable to join" message is displayed when searching for matches online.
  • Private Slots (Steam settings work differently than GFWL):
  1. Empty public slots in lobby: no changes to joining rules
  2. Empty private slots in lobby (3 options below):
  3. Host's friend can join by using "Join Game" from friends list
  4. Players can join by accepting invitation from the host
  5. Players can join private lobby using "Join Game" on a friend that is not the host, if the player has the host of the lobby in his friends list.
  • Joining a friend that is the host in a private lobby is not possible but "Join Game" on the friends list is still active. (but ignored)"
  • False “New Challenger” interrupt by local 2nd player when playing Arcade Mode - Keyboard/pad/arcade stick settings problem has been addressed.
  • Now it is possible to manually change the refresh rate in the config.ini file (same as the GFWL version)
  • Players can now view recently player players by using the Steam overlay while the game is active.
  • Additional country flags have been supported: China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cyprus, Malta, Thailand, Argentina, Indonesia, Ukraine
Fernando's POV: Finding someone with a consistent green bar is still a chore and I am still experiencing offline lag. Online lag is still present as well. The joy of crappy PC ports.