Sunday, August 19, 2012

"What is EVO?" Mini-documentary released

Evolution Championship Series.

It only happens once a year. EVO is the pinnacle of competitive fighting game tournaments. Players from all over the world train all year to make it to Las Vegas and become EVO champion in their respective game or games. See EVO 2012 results here.

To the "stream monsters" and tournament goers, the importance of EVO is a no brainer. But when it comes to casual fans, how can the significance of such an event be explained? Sonic Boombox has released a mini-documentary titled, "What is EVO?"

In the video, various competitors and fighting game community (FGC) standouts give their take on what EVO means. Those interviewed include Dieminion, Daigo, PR Balrog, Seth Killian, Markman, Zhi, Dr. B, Tasty Steve, Jaha.

And those are only a few names featured. Watch the video below.