Friday, August 24, 2012

SFxT for iPhone devices is "almost ready to go"

via Capcom
Get ready for two worlds to collide in your pocket.

Back at E3 2012, Capcom quietly showcased Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT) for the iPad. It was later revealed the game would also make a splash on the iPhone and fourth generation and up iPod Touches.

Since that time, not much has been said of SFxT Mobile. Now Capcom has given some information on the iPhone version and it's good news for those itching to get their mobile fighting fix.

"I got word from the mobile development team that the iPhone version of SFXTK is 'almost ready to go' -and come to think of it, the mobile team was cheering about something; they must have finished their master submission! Definitely expect big things from SFXTK mobile!"

Fernando's POV: Will this have $100 worth of DLC, Capcom? All kidding aside if Capcom doesn't pull shady business with this version then it may be a worthwhile purchase for you iOS gamers.