Thursday, August 30, 2012

Top Five EVO moments in Street Fighter history

Twenty-five years of Street Fighter.

On August 30, 1987 the first Street Fighter game was released by Capcom. Little did anyone know that this would be the beginning of perhaps the best fighting game series in the history of gaming. Just as unbeknownst to all was a strong community waiting to explode.

The fighting game community (FGC) has grown quite a bit since the 1990s. Things went from bets in Arcades to HD streams with thousands of dollars hanging in the balance. Then there's the mecca of all fighting game tournaments, Evolution (EVO).

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter, lists the top five EVO moments in Street Fighter history.

In we go:

5. Daigo defeats Justin Wong in Street Fighter IV - EVO 2009
It all came full circle. Five years after falling victim to the most dramatic comeback in competitive gaming history, Justin Wong had a chance to avenge his loss to Daigo Umehara at EVO 2009. Daigo would once again reign supreme over Wong in a close Street Fighter IV set to take first place in the tournament.

4. Mike Ross upsets GamerBee - EVO 2010
Believe in Mike Ross. Much to the surprise and delight of the FGC, Ross had a strong showing at EVO 2010. By the time he got to the Gamerbee matchup, many felt Ross' luck had run out. Instead, Gamerbee was knocked out of the tournament and Ross moved on.

3. Infiltration runs wild - EVO 2012
Representing Korea, Infiltration was a man on a mission at EVO 2012. His Akuma was unbearable for all who opposed. The list of victims included Daigo, Dieminion, PR Balrog, and many more. Despite Gamerbee's efforts in the grand finals, he was dominated by Infiltration.

2. Poongko destorys Daigo - EVO 2011
Even the best lose badly to the best. Daigo Umehara is no exception and this was proven true no better than when Poongko swept and perfected "The Beast." Perhaps even more memorable was when Poongko fed off the crowd before the match began by throwing his jacket and downing a cold one.

1. Daigo parries Justin Wong to victory - EVO 2004
History was made at EVO 2004. Justin Wong was on his way to the grand finals in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike action. Then something happened, Daigo parried. Over three million views have made this the most watched competitive fighting game video. If you don't know much about the FGC, you probably know who Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong are.