Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Jam 6 results

Summer Jam 6 has concluded.

The huge summer tournament event went down August 25-26 from the Sheraton Suites Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This event saw a bevy of fighting games on display on Team Sp00ky, 8 Way Run, and Team St1ckbug streams.

These games included Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (UMvC3), Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (AE v.2012), Mortal Kombat 9 (MK9), Persona 4 Arena (P4A), and more. See Summer Jam 6 results (via SRK and EventHubs), after the jump.

UMvC3 Top 8
First Place: BT IFC Yipes
2nd: FC Chris G
3rd: AGE Fanatiq
4th: AGE Knives
5th: AG MCZ Marlinpie
5th: TS Fooblat
7th: TA Predator

AE v.2012 Top 8
First Place: WolfKrone
2nd: BT Dieminion
3rd: RPD Gridman
4th: FC Chris G
5th: Manny
5th: FNEX K-Brad
7th: EMP Hiro
7th: EMP DragonGod

MK9 Top 8
First Place: RM SawnikFawx 5000
2nd: HGTV Swift Tom Hanks
3rd: RPD Alex Smith
4th: 7L
5th: Tetra
5th: Joker8417
7th: FC Chris G
7th: Bobbert

P4A Top 8
First Place: SKD
2nd: Psyken
3rd: Lord Knight
4th: Lich
5th: AG MCZ Marlinpie
5th: Mad Scientist
7th: Axis
7th: YuCorp

VF5: Final Showdown Top 8
First Place: EMP Denkai
2nd: Flash
3rd: EMP Rodnutz
4th: Shidosha
5th: Tricky
5th: CidKid
7th: Winback
7th: LowSweep

First Place: Lord Knight
2nd: FNZ Kirbster
3rd: FNZ Nedel
4th: FNZ Brice
5th: Kaeru
5th: Lich
7th: KNTR Kcat
7th: Linear

SCV Top 8
First Place: EMP Balack Omamba
2nd: OmegaXCN
3rd: JJJ
4th: RM SawnikFawx 5000
5th: ZeroEffect
5th: Sporko
7th: Boom
7th: Malice

DoA 5 Top 8
First Place: Lopedo
2nd: EMP Rabies
3rd: Shade Swifteye
4th: Chosen1
5th: Mr. Kwigole
5th: Rikuto
7th: Allan Paris
7th: EMP Balack Omamba

KoF XIII Top 8
First Place: RyRy
2nd: AGE Mario E
3rd: DJ Huoshen
4th: Jaguar
5th: Lazie Freddy
5th: Winback
7th: Tyrano Satan
7th: Renegade

First Place: YuCorp
2nd: Shazay
3rd: Alzarath
4th: AG MCZ MarlinPie
5th: Brice
5th: 4r5
7th: Mindgame
7th: VR-Raiden

Skullgirls Top 4
First Place: Mc Peanuts
2nd: Bill_307
3rd: RPGFighter
4th: Ryan_Ken

UMvC3 3v3 Winners
First Place: Team Chris G (FC Chris G, BT Dieminion, LB Winrich)

AE v.2012 3v3 Winners
First Place: Team DieWolfG (BT Dieminion, WolfKrone, FC Chris G)