Thursday, March 1, 2012

King of Fighters XIII: Joe Higashi Trials (Video)

Score another one for VesperArcade. They have posted another completed King of Fighters (KoF XIII) trial set. Joe Higashi is the character on full display this time. Head past the jump for a mini blog:
Blog by VesperArcade

Trial 1

Just use the LK version of HCF+K it
is much faster.

Trial 5

The trick to landing the HCF+LP at the start is
to delay the F+LK as much as possible. This allows
joe to hit closer than normal making it connect.

Buffer the super after the QCB+P as soon as possible.

Trial 6

HCF+P-HCB+P is what I used to cancel into the super.

Trial 10

This one is really tricky. You have to somehow make the
first super do a extra juggle hit at the end to continue
the combo. I have tried many things to get this to come
out consistantly.

What worked best for me was delaying the
(mash)P as much as possible. So perform DP+LK then start
mashing the punch very slowly (watch video). This allows
them to be lower to the ground.

Then when performing the
QCB+P I cancel into super as LATE as possible. This was
the only way I got this to come out consistantly and I
am unsure on how it works. I got lucky and it came out
3 times in a row.