Thursday, October 27, 2011

WWE '12: In-depth look at Universe Mode Part 2

THQ continues their inside look at the new Universe Mode in WWE '12 with part two. For part one of the feature, click here.

This time they let the fans ask questions about the new and improved mode via twitter. Clearly, the fans took advantage of the opportunity as a slew of questions were brought to THQ.

Among the questions asked and answered were whether or not Universe Mode would feature voice overs, if you can change any match to a number one contender, the options for interferences and much more.

As far as interference options go, you can only interfere in one on one matches. You can choose any superstar to interfere and it will show if you are a rival or ally of the competitors. You will have one minute to decimate one or both superstars.

This year's Universe Mode and Story Designer are not compatible. That's because THQ and Yuke's have added over 100 storylines to Universe Mode. Branching is also included depending on the outcome of matches.

Voice overs are exclusive to Road to Wrestlemania and are not available in Universe Mode. You also can't make any match a number one contender match but as mentioned yesterday, you can make any match a title match.

You can also book more participants in title matches than just a one on one. Champions will not be drafted.

For more Q&A, visit WWETHQ.