Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Street Fighter x Tekken: The delivery method is still to be determined for gems

Those are the words of Capcom community manager, Seth Killian.

Killian spoke with The X Button to discuss the gem system in Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT). Among the things talked about with the gem system were on whether or not it would be DLC, what he's hoping fans experience with the system and which gems can be the deciding factor in a win or a loss.

See what Killian had to say about the gem system in SFxT below.

 "I think it’s definitely open to fans of both games. I’m guessing we’ll get more Street Fighter fans than Tekken people, but hopefully the Tekken guys will check it out as well. Beyond that, as far as casual versus hardcore goes, I’d say it’s a little looser than Street Fighter so it’s a little easier to get into, because of the presence of chain combos. But in all of the games, even in Marvel, the strategy gets thick pretty fast. The delivery method is still to be determined. I prefer to play speed-up gems—in Magic parlance, I like 'speed decks.' As for the gems that have specific powers … they’re not my favorites."

Killian also mentions that certain gems such as auto-block can benefit inexperienced gamers while experienced gamers can stack their gems, creating a "huge layer of depth."

He also feels the key to finding success with the gem system is through a combination rather than a particular gem.