Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guard Crush Team Battles 8 results

Another Guard Crush tournament is in the books.

With the 7th edition of Team Battles being canceled two weeks ago, Sp00ky and the crew went along with the 8th team tournament yesterday (Oct. 26, 2011) at Next Level in Brooklyn, NY.

Spab Rog and Aljon formed an alliance as well as Dieminion and Sanford Kelly. Chris Hu and Aquasilk did participate in the tournament, but team Rush Hour was not meant to be last night.

Find out which team was superior in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition action after the jump.

Guard Crush Team Battles 8 Results
First Place: Unstoppable Force (Dieminion/Santhrax)
2nd. Team 1 Game Warriors (HZY/Chris Hu)
3rd. Spab Rog/Aljon
4th. Henry Cen and DaFeetLee
5th (Tie). Team FingerCramp (FC Andre/FC Homeless)
5th (Tie). Team Adnan (Adnan/Chris G)
7th (Tie). TeamYouDontWantToPlayUs (NGB Solid/Poe)
7th (Tie). Li/Liston