Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Poll Update: 45-percent voted "None" in response to which version of Killer Instinct will be downloaded thus far

With Killer Instinct making its return to gaming this November, FightVG has been asking readers which version (if any) of the game they will be downloading. Peep the early results inside.


FightVG is asking readers which version of Killer Instinct they will be downloading when it hits the Xbox One in November. The poll options are: "Free," "$19.99," "$39.99," and "None."

Thus far, leading the poll with 45-percent of the vote is "None." In second place with 27-percent is "Free." Those options are followed by "$39.99" at 18-percent and "$19.99" at nine percent.

There's still time to vote. Cast your vote before Sept. 26 and we will post the final results on the homepage. For more information on Killer Instinct's free-to-play model, click here.