Friday, September 27, 2013

Poll Results: Which version of Killer Instinct will you download?

You voted and the results are in. Find out which version (if any) you will be downloading of Killer Instinct.

That's a wrap.

Killer Instinct will be hitting the Xbox One on Nov. 22. Gamers can choose to play the game for free or pay for the $19.99 version or the $39.99 version. FightVG asked readers which version (if any) will they be downloading.

The results are in.

In first place with 40-percent of the vote is "None." Second place is "$39.99" with 30-percent. Earning third place is the "Free" option with 25-percent. Limping into last place is "$19.99" with just 5-percent of the vote.

Poll Results
None - 40%
$39.99 - 30%
Free - 25%
$19.99 - 5%