Friday, September 13, 2013

Watch The Fall Classic 2013 right here (Sept. 14-15)

The Fall Classic 2013 begins tomorrow (Sept. 14). Watch the main stream and get a link to the secondary feed inside.

This ain't baseball.

Team Sp00ky is at the helm for the main stream of The Fall Classic (TFC) 2013. The event will run from Sept. 14-15. This major is expected to have some of the best players in the fighting game community including Chris G, PR Balrog, F. Champ, Flocker and many more.

Bifuteki will have control of the secondary stream. You can view his feed by clicking the link below Sp00ky's stream and chat box. You can also view both streams by clicking on the tabs on our homepage.

TFC 2013 Bifuteki Stream