Sunday, September 2, 2012

Capcom showcases SFxT for iOS devices at PAX Prime 2012

Image Credit: Capcom
Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT) is coming to your pocket, unless you have an iPad.

Since it was first quietly announced at E3 back in June, many iOS device owners wondered what features SFxT would have on their phones, tablets, and music players. Capcom recently revealed the game is "almost ready to go."

GamesRadar stopped by the Capcom booth at PAX Prime 2012. They interviewed SFxT Mobile's producer, Takeshi Tezuka while showing the game's floor demo.

Check out the interview below.

Fernando's POV: I wonder if Capcom will do a tournament for this game like they did with Street Fighter IV on mobile devices. Say what you will about mobile games, but there is a huge market to be had and when there's tournament money involved, there will be tournament players. Don't be surprised if we see official Capcom tournaments featuring SFxT Mobile.