Monday, September 17, 2012

Dead or Alive 5 will utilize Online Pass

The Online Pass craze continues.

In an attempt to stop customers from purchasing used copies of Dead or Alive 5 (DoA 5), Tecmo Koei will require an Online Pass to access the game's online features. The bad news was delivered by GameFly (via EventHubs).

Like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (TTT2), DoA 5's use of the Online Pass is starting to make its presence felt in fighting games. Capcom and Atlus have yet to implement this system in their fighters. Not even Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT), which is bombarded with disc locked content requires an Online Pass.

Fernando's POV: This is once again a case of a big company trying to dictate the customer's purchase. If I buy the game new, I shouldn't have to put in a code to play online. If I buy it used, I should still have the right to play online since it's on the disc. Further proof that most game companies care more about your wallet than your freedom.