Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MvC2: BrettH123's Mega Man Buster Glitch Exhibition Vol. 1

Guess who's at it again?

Perhaps the most consistent and persistent Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (MvC2) uploader BrettH123 continues to shine. Despite the fact that MvC2 is over 12 years old, he always finds a way to keep it fresh and relevant. His "Mega Man Buster Glitch" adds legitimacy to those bold claims.

Here's what Brett told FightVG.com:

"I chose to be more creative (and) innovative, and so I experimented
by seeing how the game slows down when combining this glitch with
certain THCs. I show charged buster traps where multiple buster
shots (and) assist calls surround the character and do 100% chip damage. I
also explored the off-screen glitch whereby Mega Man disappears from
arena, yet his sound effects can still be heard and flying screen mode
is permanently installed. Another area I explored is using the glitch
to do incredible dead body combos."

Watch the video below.