Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Namco Bandai in talks with Ouya

All aboard the Ouya train.

OnLive recently announced its cloud gaming service would be coming to the upcoming $99 Ouya console. The announcement means Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (AE) will also be making its way to the console.

Now Namco Bandai has revealed they are in talks with Ouya. Could this mean Tekken will be reaching a new audience? See what Namco Bandai's Vice President of Marketing Carlson Choi had to say below.

"NAMCO BANDAI Games and OUYA are currently in active discussions to bring some of the world's biggest gaming properties to the exciting new open gaming platform. NAMCO BANDAI brings with it a rich history of iconic gaming franchises, from classics like PAC-MAN and GALAGA, to seminal franchises like TEKKEN and Ridge Racer, and we're excited to explore how we can work with OUYA to bring some great titles to the forthcoming console."

Fernando's POV: The Ouya console looks more legit as the days go by. Seeing Tekken on this little console would be awesome. In the OnLive article I said how the Ouya needed to establish itself a little more and talking with Namco Bandai about bringing big name titles is a huge step in the right direction.