Thursday, August 2, 2012

Maximilian addresses disgruntled FGC member

You can't please everyone.

Despite his popularity and reputation for lending a helping hand to those who want to get better at fighting games, Maximilian has a hater. While surfing through messages on Xbox Live, Max found not so friendly feedback from one member of the fighting game community (FGC).

How negative was the message? Well Max was told, "Go fuck yourself." Classy.

While he doesn't respond directly to the message, Max does talk about separation with some members of the FGC. He also talks about the aspects of the games themselves instead of being the next big tournament player. Watch the video below.

Fernando's POV: It's people like the one who sent Max this message who ruin the FGC. Who said you need to be "god tier" to enjoy fighting games? People like this guy drive new gamers away from these titles. Sadly we live in a society with close minded people. Fighting games aren't all about going online and being competitive. Maybe the disgruntled FGC member should heed his own advice.