Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gamescom 2012: PS3 version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to include free Vita port

Buy one, get one free.

Gamescom 2012 is running wild. Never a company to shy away from the media, Sony's press conference was in full swing for the event. The conference saw the announcement of the Vita port of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale coming free as a download with purchase of the PS3 version.

Head past the jump to see a quote from SuperBot Community Manager Daniel Maniago.

"We’re also really excited about the promotional pricing announcement for PlayStation All-Stars that was made at today’s press conference. For all of you that purchase the PlayStation 3 version of PlayStation All-Stars – at retail or digitally through the PlayStation Network – you will be able to download the PS Vita version of PlayStation All-Stars from the PS Network at no additional cost. How awesome is that?!? Now you’ll be able to experience all of the great cross-save and cross-play features that PlayStation All-Stars has to offer on both the PS3 and PS Vita at one great price. So if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, perhaps this news will pique your interest."

Fernando's POV: This is excellent for PS3 and PS Vita owners who have interest in All-Stars. More companies should take notices and start doing these. One of the things that makes a service like OnLive so awesome is you can play the games you purchased at home through you PC or Mac, and you can take it on the go with your laptop or Macbook or even your cellphone. Now hopefully GameStop doesn't feel they're special and rips the code out of the box like they did with Deus Ex: Human Revolution