Friday, November 25, 2011

Capcom talks gems in Street Fighter x Tekken

The official Japan Street Fighter blog has gone more in-depth on the gem system in Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT).

Among the topics the blog touched on were boost gems. There is a category of boost gems called "Ferocious Attack Gems." All five of these boost gems listed in the blog have a 50 percent increase in meter gain.

The activation conditions for the gems are; strike with three special moves, land a launch attack and guard four attacks.

For more on the "Ferocious Attack Gems," head past the jump:

  • You cannot equip more than two of the same gem.
  • If you want to set three of the Boost Gems, they must have different activation conditions.
  • To make the effort of activating gems, "sweet to the mind" they made the activation conditions "harsh."
  • They are considering removing gem activation stacking and making it so that you can only activate gems one at a time.