Monday, November 21, 2011

Capcom expands Zazzle merchandise

In 2010, Capcom teamed up with Zazzle to create merchandise such as shirts, shoes, coffee mugs and more.

Now, Capcom has expanded its Zazzle catalog.

Capcom has announced brands such as Street Fighter, Mega Man and Ace Attorney have now graced their Zazzle products. If customers would like to made some adjustments to the products, they can customize them to their liking.

Capcom's partnership with Zazzle began in 2010 with four online shops. These shops featured brands such as Monster Hunter Tri, Capcom Classic Arcade, Power Stone and Rival Schools.

A Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale will run from Nov. 25 - 28. There will also be new exclusive Street Fighter merchandise around Christmas time.

You can view the Capcom Zazzle store here.