Friday, February 10, 2012

Namco Bandai Studios announced

Namco Bandai has announced (via Andriasang) its new development company, Namco Bandai Studios.

The new development company is set to form on April 2. They will be responsible for franchises such as Tekken and SoulCalibur.

Namco Bandai is splitting its subsidiaries to create one single company. Over 1,000 staff members will be working for the studio. This includes members of the former Tales Studios subsidiary.

Duties as a publisher will continue for Namco Bandai. Its studio will be focus on game development.

Producer Hajime Nakatani will run the Studio, which will be located in Shinagawa. The areas of business include planning, development and management for console games, arcade games and network content (DLC).

Other game franchises you can expect from Namco Bandai Studios are Taiko Drum Master, Tales, and Gundam.