Wednesday, February 22, 2012

King of Fighters XIII: Raiden Trials

Raiden's revenge.

Many King of Fighters XIII (KoF XIII) trials show Raiden getting pummeled. Not this time. That's because he's the one doing the bruising.

VesperArcade has uploaded new Raiden trials. Along with the video, they've also provided a mini blog on the trials.

Watch Raiden trials and see the mini blog below:

Blog by VesperArcade
Trial 2

HCF+K is a link, not a cancel.

Trial 5

In order to get enough charge time after (Charge)DB-F+LP,
input (Charge)DB-F-BD+LP instead. This will allow you to
charge at the earliest possible point.

Trial 6

You must charge both kick buttons for 24 seconds. Hold both
kick buttons down then release one of them, press light punch
then release the other one.

Trial 7

You must hold down a kick button for 24 seconds here as well.
position your hands to hold it down the entire time while performing
the combo.

Trial 9

This combo is tricky because you must hold down both kick buttons for
4 seconds, however it forces you to use them at the start. The best
time to start holding them down is after (Charge)DB-F+PP. Watch my
hands here carefully. Then release each kick button seperately when
required at the end.

Trial 10

Same situation here, You need to start charging the kick buttons as soon
as you do QCB+PP. You must do this very quickly to have enough time to
charge them to 4 seconds. Once again watch my hands carefully here.