Tuesday, February 7, 2012

King of Fighters XIII: Mature Trials (Video)

The folks at Vesper Arcade continue to complete King of Fighters XIII (KoF XIII) trials. This time they try their hand with Mature. They are getting close to completing all trials. Head past the jump for a mini blog on the trials.

Blog by Vesper Arcade
Trial 5

The last QCB+PP must be drive canceled very quickly to
allow the QCB+HK to connect.

Trial 6

Drive cancel QCB+KK late to allow the opponent to juggle higher,
this makes the timing of the last rekkas easier.

Trial 7

The buffer I used for the ending to connect QCB+LK into QCB-HCF+K was

Trial 9

This combo requires alot of breaking down. When drive canceling into DP+PP
make sure to do it late, otherwise you will get a input overlap and NEO MAX
by accident.

The final 2 QCB+LK must be done in succession very quickly.

Trial 10

the final DP+LP ~ P must hit the opponent just before he touches the ground.
You want the opponent to be just slightly above your head when performing the
super. Make sure to execute this combo quickly as you have just enough HD gauge
to NEO MAX cancel.