Wednesday, December 28, 2011

King of Fighters XIII: Chin Gentsai trials


For those who are struggling to get the hang of trials in King of Fighters XIII (KoF XIII), Vesper Arcade looks to give you a hand. They have uploaded a trial video for "The Drunken Fist Master," Chin Gentsai.

Some believe that KoF XIII is the most challenging fighting game when it comes to trials. Even Vesper Arcade gave the game's difficulty a ten out of ten. Luckily for those who are lost, the uploader has posted a small explanation of the trials.

See the Chin Gentsai trials and description below:

Mini blog on Chin trials by Vesper Arcade

Most of Chin's trials require a great deal of memorization and
execution. Stay clear of Chin if you are just starting out trial mode.

His QCB-HCF+P super can only be used when he is drunk (Reverse DP+P)

All the trials are very straight forward, the only problem is that they
are very long and complex. Breaking down each portion is the best advice
I can give. Goodluck. There were no shortcuts or tricks used for this, so
I cannot give much advice.

Trial 2

When press d,d+P input the second P slowly. Listen to the rhythm
that I am pressing the buttons.

Trial 4

You cancel the QCB+KK after the 4th hit.

Trial 8

You must NEO MAX cancel on the first hit, the hd gauge is right at the
end at this point, so you must be extremely fast with the cancel.

Trial 9

The HCB reps in the corner must be done at a very slow pace, this keep the
opponent low to continue the juggle.

Trial 10

You can cancel out of the DF+LK sooner than you think. This allows you to
juggle the opponent before he touches the ground.