Monday, March 17, 2014

Imagination Vent launching Kickstarter campaign for Bionic Fighters on March 31

Things are getting even more interesting in the fighting game world. A Kickstarter page for a new fighter is set to start by the end of this month.

A new fighting game is on the horizon but the help of the fighting game community is needed to make it a reality. Imagination Vent is currently developing Bionic Fighters. The game is scheduled for a PC (Steam), PS4, and OUYA release.

A Kickstarter campaign for the project will be launched on March 31. You can see an image promoting the Kickstarter page below.

Here is the press release sent by Imagination Vent.

"Smash Bros inspired indie game Press Release:
     Currently in development for: PlayStation 4, Steam, and OUYA, Bionic Fighters is a fast paced platform fighter with an emphasis on fluid and agile movement with inspired items thrown in. To win, players must defeat their opponents by knocking them from the stage. As players land direct hits, their opponents suffer greater and greater ?knock back? from each successive attack they suffer. The more damaged a player becomes; the more difficult it is to return to the stage successfully. The best players will be the ones that can instinctively utilize their characters specific traits, along with randomly dropped weapons onto the stage to their advantage.

     Bionic Fighters is in development for both competitive and casual players alike. The controls will be easy to learn, but with more advanced techniques available. However, we are also including a "Bionic Smash" gauge to enable casual players to more easily compete against more experienced fighters. Players will have varied outcomes tied to the degree in which they succeed at executing the techniques. Bionic Fighters has an ambitious campaign that is coming directly to Kickstarter on March 31st, 2014! Keep an avid eye out for this party style fighting game, and prepare yourself for a memorable throw down that you won't readily forget.

Be sure to like Imagination Vent's official Facebook page for all the latest updates on the project!"