Friday, July 22, 2011

It Came From Namco: SoulCalibur 2

Warriors coming from around the world meet to posses or destroy the infamous sword know as SoulCalibur. This is each character's ultimate goal as they cross paths with there own intentions. It holds dreams, it can be used for good or evil.

You decide who takes control of their destiny.

SoulCalibur 2 was released in 2003 for GameCube, Xbox, and PS2. Each game had their own special exclusive character. Armed with the Master Sword and Hyrulian Shield, Link made his way into the SoulCalibur universe to hunt and destroy the power of the legendary sword. He was exclusively available for the GameCube.

Appearing on the Xbox, Spawn with his Axe as his weapon challenges the might of the Soul Edge.

Last but not least Heihachi Mishima, from Tekken challenges SoulCalibur on the PS2 Version.

Choosing which console to get it on also meant choosing your favorite mascot. Luckily all three console versions got an exclusive character made by Todd Mcfarlane, Spawn’s comic book artist.

The character he made for the game was named Necrid. He had the power to use dark energy from the Soul Edge and transform it into weapons of his choice.

The game was really good and exciting. It had a ton of extra content that the arcade version released a year before did not have.

Each character in the game had its own set of weapons you could choose from and unlock as you progress through the story. It was a deep game.

They had their own move sets and it played as a basic 3D fighter. The combos were fun and easy to pull off. I had a blast playing with each character on the GameCube. SoulCalibur 2 is a game I can go back to even today and still have lots fun, especially with friends.

Pick up the game and fight for the power of SoulCalibur.