Monday, July 4, 2011

Two Cents: Don't ban Skarlet at Evo 2011

Put down the ban hammer.

Last month (June 2011) we reported that Mortal Kombat's newest character, Skarlet was facing a ban at Evo 2011.

There is a concern that Skarlet could be broken or overpowered but it won't make or break the biggest tournament of the year.

Let me explain:

By the time Evo 2011 goes down in Las Vegas, players would have had about a month to play as or against Skarlet. Yes, not every player has the DLC but to say that this would be a severe disadvantage for Skarlet's opposition is a bit over the top.

After all, this is Evo we're talking about.

The best players from around the world will be in Las Vegas July 29 - 31. You think they can't adapt playing against the new girl next door? I'm not buying it.

Don't believe me? Ask the people.

In a poll over at Testyourmight, 65.34% say Skarlet should be allowed at Evo 2011. Only 34.76% want her banned. Math is not a strength of mine but I think it's safe to say that the numbers don't lie. People don't mind if the sexy yet deadly assassin is used.

The powers that be will be discussing Skarlet's status at Evo today (July 4, 2011).

If Skarlet is indeed banned from Evo this year, then the people have been silenced. And if they come to that conclusion today, a day of independence, that will be a shame.