Tuesday, May 27, 2014

El Gamer Cosplayer sets up Patreon page for live action video game films

The lengths that fans will go for their beloved franchises are quite impressive. El Gamer Cosplayer is taking it a step further with a Patreon page made to keep his live action video game films alive.


That word may be best used to describe Marti "El Gamer Cosplayer" Escageda's live action video game series. He has been working on fan films inspired by classics such as Fatal Fury: King of Fighters. Ready to take things a step further, "El Gamer Cosplay" has created a Patreon page.

This allows those who enjoy the fan films to pledge any amount they desire per month starting at $1. You can get more details by visiting the official "El Gamer Cosplayer" Patreon account.

Below is a trailer for the Fatal Fury fan film.