Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Skullgirls pushed back to early 2012

You'll have to wait a bit longer for Autumn Games' new fighter.

The official Skullgirls website has announced that Skullgirls will not see a release until early 2012. This isn't all bad news, however.

New changes and features are being implemented in the game based on the "community's feedback."

Among the changes are upgraded backgrounds to 3D as well as game balances and tweaks.

For a full list of changes and added features, head past the jump.

* Gameplay speed changes – 10% faster!
* Lots of new effects and overall presentation improvements
* Upgraded backgrounds to 3D
* Additional music from Michiru Yamane
* Requested color palettes
* Accidental pause prevention option – hold Start for 15 frames to pause
* PlayStation 3 custom soundtrack option
* Button macros to help when playing on a pad
* Innumerable balance and gameplay tweaks
* In-game art galleries